Neil's Ambarvale Internet & Weather
Traffic Type PTM
Status Up
Link Power State L0
Line Coding (Trellis)OnOn
SNR Margin (dB)9.96.6
Attenuation (dB)22.30.0
Output Power (dBm)13.98.9
Attainable Rate (Kbps)6871120666
Rate (Kbps)6010420666
B (bytes in Mux Data Frame)130227
M (Mux Data Frames in an RS codeword)11
T (Mux Data Frames in an OH sub-frame)00
R (redundancy bytes in the RS codeword)810
S (data symbols the RS code word spans)0.06890.3509
L (bits transmitted in each data symbol)161295426
D (interleaver depth)164
I (interleaver block size in bytes)139238
N (RS codeword size)139238
Delay (msec)00
INP (DMT symbol)45.0044.00
OH Frames00
OH Frame Errors821125
RS Words19595527841117032170
RS Correctable Errors929752850940
RS Uncorrectable Errors00
HEC Errors00
OCD Errors00
LCD Errors00
Total Cells39188996120
Data Cells12222979360
Bit Errors00
Total ES2217
Total SES140
Total UAS265251
Local Weather
Temp / Dewpoint:
15.2°C / 1.0°C
High Temp: 21.9°C at 00:00:54
Low Temp: 14.6°C at 06:17:11
Heat Index / Wind Chill:
13.8°C / 15.2°C
Humidity: 36%
Wind Speed:
0 km/h
High Wind Speed: 14 km/h at 00:14:56
Last Update:16/01/21 07:05:00
Remote FilesystemTypeSizeUsedFreeUse%Mounted
NAS FilesystemTypeSizeUsedFreeUse%Mounted
Monitored UnitValue
CPU Temp (°C)35.0°
CPU Speed [Cores] (MHz)1500150015001500Avg: 1500
Device Information
Model Name BiPAC 8900X R3
Host Name
System Up-Time 13D 18H 4M 57S
Date/Time Sat Jan 16 07:06:11 2021
Firmware Version 2.52.d3
LAN IPv4 Address -
MAC Address -