Neil's DSL Stats

Full Stats

Last Retrain Reason:0
Last initialization procedure status:0
Link Power State:L0
Mode:VDSL2 Annex B
VDSL2 Profile:Profile 17a
TPS-TC:PTM Mode(0x0)
Trellis:U:ON /D:ON
Line Status:No Defect
Uptime: 17 days 2 hours 17 min 36 sec
Resyncs: 4 (since 21 Sep 2020 17:46:37)
Vectoring status: 1 (VECT_FULL)

Line State



Max Rate (Kbps):6875422306
Current Rate (Kbps):6010422427
SNR (dB):10.25.8
Attenuation (dB):22.20.0
Power (dBm):14.29.3
G.Impulse Noise Protection:EnabledEnabled

VDSL2 Framing

Bytes in overhead channel message:-6-6
Bytes in Mux Data Frame:130227
Mux Data Frames in RS codeword:11
Mux Data Frames in OH sub-frame:00
Redundancy bytes in RS codeword:812
Data symbols RS codeword spans:0.06890.3233
Bits transmitted per data symbol:161295938
Interleaver depth:164
Interleaver block size, bytes:139240
RS codeword size:139240
RS codewords per DTU:164
Padding octets per DTU:140
G.INP Framing:1818
G.INP lookback:1412
Retransmission Return Channel bits:2424


OH Frames:00
OH Frames Errors:40115
Reed-Solomon code words:37446383841091963344
RS Correctable Errors:2622030210316
RS Uncorrectable Errors:00

G.INP Counters

retransmitted DTU:216701351
corrected DTU:18429718
uncorrected DTU:4315531
seconds of Lost Error Free Throughput:6216
Minimum Error Free Throughput:6011522420
Error-free bits counter:1353926344505073099

Error Counters

Header Error Control:00
Out-of Cell Delineation:00
Lost Cell Delineation:00
Total Cells:31936828350
Data Cells:34586369350
Drop Cells:0
Bit Errors:00


Error Seconds:2815
Severely Errored Seconds:00
Unavailable Seconds:123123
Available Seconds:1477056

G.INP Settings

Impulse Noise Protection:45.0045.00
Repetitive Electrical Impulse:0.000.00
Interleaving delay:00
Packets in Error:0.000.00
Overhead Rate:0.010.01
Aggregate rate:60566.2622476.60

Error Rates

RSCorr/RS (%)0.07000.0193
RSUnCorr/RS (%)0.00000.0000

Total Errors (17 days 2 hours 20 min 33 sec)

Forward Error Correction:2622030210316
Cyclical Redundancy Check:40115
Error Seconds:2815
Severely Errored Seconds:00
Unavailable Seconds:123123
Loss of Signal:00
Loss of Framing:00
Loss of Margin:00
Fast retraining count:0
Failed retraining:0
Failed fast retraining:0
VDSL Band StatusU0U1U2D1D2D3
Line Attenuation (dB)7.736.357.317.045.168.8
Signal Attenuation (dB)7.736.057.016.944.769.9
SNR Margin (dB)
TX Power (dBm)-

SNR Margin

Forward Error Correction


CRC Errors

Bitswaps per tone

Bitswaps per minute